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Reindex commands not working


Reindex commands not working



While using admin panel in a new sandbox org of Magento2 hosted on Ubuntu, I got an error saying I need to re-index.  I googled instruction how to do that, but when I log in to the command line and go to the magento install directory, "magento" does not seem to be a valid command, so I cannot use "magento indexer:info".

The error message is "magento: command not found".

How can I reindex?


Thank you


Re: Reindex commands not working



Run this command for reindex : 


php bin/magento indexer:reindex

If problem solve mark as accept



Re: Reindex commands not working

Thanks, that worked after I found the directory and added "sudo".

Re: Reindex commands not working

please may I ask what command line you'Re talking about? In every tutorial I can see the same answer: "type into the command line ...". But no on one is even explaining where that command line should be! I'm using cpanel on life host, and filezilla to manage the files. Not even my hosting provider knows, where I should that command into. Could you please describe the location, where I can find the place for typing in the reindex command line?


thank you!