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Search by name in category

Search by name in category


When a customer is looking at one of our categories it currently uses layered navigation, which is awesome.

What I would like is to also make it possible to filter those results by name.

I an not scared of coding, and my attempts so far have been promising but ultimately dead ends as it has either been impossible to navigate past page 1 or it has shown all results on a single page. Neither of those 2 options are ideal.

Anyone know how to achieve this either by code or an extension that makes it possible?



Re: Search by name in category

Hello @lennoxconnc2d1 


Yes, it is possible.

Check this Magento 2 Extension for doing the same.

 It may help you.


All the best!


Re: Search by name in category

Have you tried to use it before? I just got some questions with this extension and looking for somebody's help. 


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