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Setup Develoment Site

Setup Develoment Site



When deploying my code to the dev server, do I need to upload all the files of my machine which is i think 43K+ files, or is there anything i can do to build the project with a minimal files to upload?


I am an ASP.NET developer and new to Magento. When we publish the website, all the code-behind codes are packaged in DLLs to minimise the files that we need to upload.


Is there a way I can do the same with Magento? If there is, can you point me to the right direction?




Re: Setup Develoment Site



There is no dll version of magento that compiles down to a few files.


I use capistrano for deployment, there are methods. Please note this is based on a linux box, not a windows box.


I would recommend reading this post in regards to how to deploy magento code to a server






Re: Setup Develoment Site

Hello Brendan,


I am fully aware that there are no DLLs on Magento or PHP but if there are other methods to trim down the files to be uploaded to the dev site, I would go for it. I think I would also consider Capistrano on deployment and see if that will fix my problem.


Thanks a lot!

Re: Setup Develoment Site

On your dev box you should have all files. Its easy to uncompressed files on a linux box. takes like 30secs.


The beauty of capistrano is you can deploy to one or more servers in one go.

You can also roll back a deployment. 

You can also add in additional steps for the deployment like put the site into maintenance mode whilst updating site.


You can also do single file deployment. Where your just changing a single file and upload this only.


Not sure what your issue is with 43k of files. Unless you ftping them up one by one. In which case thats not a great method