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Setup:Perf:Generate-Fixtures error

Setup:Perf:Generate-Fixtures error

Hi all, 


I'm trying to install some performance test data (the extra_large package) into my Magento store to test. I've redone the install three or four times (with new databases and using 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 versions of the code; but I always run into this error: 


./magento setup:perf:generate-fixtures ../setup/performance-toolkit/profiles/ce/extra_large.xml
Generating profile with following params:
 |- Websites: 5
 |- Store Groups: 5
 |- Store Views: 5
 |- Categories: 3000
 |- Simple products: 800000
 |- Configurable products: 50000
 |- Customers: 5000
 |- Cart Price Rules: 100
 |- Catalog Price Rules: 100
 |- Orders: 80000
Generating websites, stores and store views...  done in 00:00:00
Generating categories...  done in 00:01:36
Generating simple products... Error in data structure: entity values are mixed

I don't know how to go about troubleshooting this - anyone any ideas what I might be doing wrong? 


I've tried Google; but all I can find is detail about the Magento package that comes with "sample data" rather than this performance data. 





Re: Setup:Perf:Generate-Fixtures error

This didn't occur using the Medium.xml package - so possibly  a bug with the extra_large.xml builder??