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Slow Catalog Pages with 100K Products

Slow Catalog Pages with 100K Products

We are migrating our M1 store to M2.3 and experience the same slow response for all catalog pages within Admin & Frontend.


All other pages are loading pretty fast but its just the catalog pages which are extremely slow and taking approx 15 secs to load.


We have nearly 100K products with flat tables enabled. We deployed our application on EC2 with Mysql RDS (2vCPU + 8GB RAM)


Can anyone please let me know what steps should we take to improve the performance?


Re: Slow Catalog Pages with 100K Products

You can monitor the server and see what is getting overused. In your case, it's probably both CPU and RAM. You can not speed up admin or catalog indexing with varnish and such and that amount of products just needs more power in M2.

for our client who upgraded to M2 with a similar amount of products, we moved the database to cloud SQL instance with 2vcpu and 8GB RAM and kept the webserver at 4vcpu and 8GB RAM. That fixed the speed issue. We use Google Cloud but AWS probably have similar options.


Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Small Business Package.