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Steps to take to get my magento site ready for production

Steps to take to get my magento site ready for production

I have done a lot of research over the last couple days as well as just messing around in magento 2. I cant seem to find any clear cut instructions on how to get a site up and running properly in magento 2. Yesterday I just found out about store modes such as "developer" and or "production". I tried switching between the two and I just seem to get errors.


Basically im more confused now than ever, does anyone have an idea of the proper steps to running a production site?


  • install magento
  • set site into developer mode
  • develop site
  • set site into production mode

im unclear if this is correct or even if there are specific commands that should be ran? I cant recall the specific errors I got when I was switching the store mode but it seems as if there are a lot more steps to make it to a production site than say for example a drupal commerce site. Im still new to magento and trying to figure out a clear cut path to getting this site up and running in production mode. Another question I had was about maintenance and updates, what is the proper procedure once a site is in production mode to update it or make developer changes?