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Struggling with the abstractions

Struggling with the abstractions



This is my first Magento install. I could install it just fine on a VPS (2.2.2 on nginx+PHP 7.1).

However, I'm having a hard time understanding the CMS abstractions. I'm in single store mode and I installed a third part theme (but no third part extensions which mangle with data).


Two issues so far:


- I created a test product and put it in a test category. I set it as in stock, enabled it, went to the category page and... it was not there.


- I understand there is a global "menu" concept (e.g. when you set up a category it asks you whether to include it in the Menu), but had not luck in finding how to customize it or include it in pages.


(I could not find a good "getting started with setting up a shop" guide for Magento 2. Everything I've read focuses on installation, which I had no problems with since I work in sysop. If anyone has any suggestions in this regard, they will be very well accepted)


Re: Struggling with the abstractions

Magento 2 itself have very good tutorial for how to setup the store , Build your catalog and very useful other details. Here is the link for that -


It have various section like Set up Your Store ,  Build your Catalog etc and its very useful to start using Magento2.


More often you can also refer this -

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Re: Struggling with the abstractions



Thank you so much for the resources. However I quickly looked into them and it seems like I've already taken all the steps that were described in regards to publishing a product. Still no luck with having it show up.

Re: Struggling with the abstractions

Well if you did all the steps correctly , then its must need to show at frontend.


let me give you answer in more detail , while creating product you need to take care below things.


1) First make sure you have created your category under the Default Category(root category) of magento 2 which is already there.

2) Make sure category is enabled and you have included it in menu

3) When you are creating product make sure you have added quantity in it and make sure product is in stock and you must need to add price as well

4) Make sure you have selected your category , from product form where you are adding product there there is option to choose category so make sure you have selected that.

5) Now at the and , clear your cache by running command php bin/magento cache:clean and php bin/magento cache:flush command.

you will definitely see your product at front end.

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Re: Struggling with the abstractions



I agree with you that the steps should result in the products appearing in the store front.


However I've taken all the above steps and manually ran the reindexer (other than having it ran automatically by the cron job). You are definitely welcome to see it for yourself if you wish, I can provide the website URL and credentials in private.