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System Requirements

System Requirements

I got a linux computer.  I was able to put all system requirements on terminal but I am not in a server.  I have not started the Magento yet. Do I need to get a server?  

Previous:  reading the system requirements for Magento 2. First the operating system it says Linux x86-64. Does it need to be 64 bit?

Also I have a PC using Windows 10.  I  have been trying to use a virtual box but having problems.  Is there a better way? Do I need a new computer?  Please help I have trying to solve this for weeks.  I am taking the courses to be a developer I was a programmer but I haven't dealt with all the software and virtual box. 


Re: System Requirements

Hi @BEma35


I am also using Magento 2 on windows 10 operating system. I use XAMPP with recommended php and mysql version. It should work well on 32 bit as well as 64 bit version of Linux.


On windows you may face issues to setup cron job. I installed it without using composer.


You do not require a new computer to set up Magento 2. Can you mention specific problems which you are facing?


Following links may help you

1) Installation overview



Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: System Requirements

I have yet to load my Linux. I tried Ubuntu and CentOs. On Ubuntu I did not get errors but screen doesn't look right and can not figure out how to open a terminal. I don't have a screen to type on. On CentOS I received message about files being written to disks.  Then it doesn't work. What do you have for the Linux.

Re: System Requirements

I am still trying to load Linux.  I am using Ubuntu 14.  I am not getting the right screen can't open terminal. I think I'm getting the virtual box menu.