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The best way to start with magento

The best way to start with magento

Hello Magento Community,


I hope that everything is great with all of you.


I am new in the magento world and so I am starting this post to know about the resources and techniques that you are using with your magento.


Starting a new magento project is always complicated because we have to make very important decisions from the beggining. Decisions like the frontend framework to use (Bootstrap, foundation, the one included in magento2 or another), should we add javascript frameworks from the beggining like angular, and many other decisions.


So I would to know how you organize your installation to start development.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Happy coding everyone.







Re: The best way to start with magento

Hello ricarraf,


I always start with an outline. That is, depending on the project certain things will be needed whereas others will not. So I will make a list and research what changes need to be made as well as if everything will work, such as extensions. I do all this before I even start the installation, that way once I get started I have a general idea of exactly what I am going to do as well as the knowledge that it will work.

Leslie B.
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Re: The best way to start with magento

Hi Leslie,


Thanks for your reply.


I would like to ask you if you found any advantage on using Twitter bootstrap. I want to build a new store with a custom design and I am trying to decide if it is worthy to apply the twitter boostrap theme or using the bootstrap implementation on magento 2, using the blank theme for instance.


Can you give me your thoughts on this matter?


Thank you.