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Unable to access /magento and /magento/admin

Unable to access /magento and /magento/admin



After installed Magento using AWS template I am unable to access /magento and /magento/admin.

I do able to see phpInfo page but not the magento admin or store. 


Any idea? 





Re: Unable to access /magento and /magento/admin

Hello yaronism,


Did you get blank screnn or aany error ?

Please check your log file or php and php error log file and paste your exception or error here so that we can find a solution accordingly.

Re: Unable to access /magento and /magento/admin

It seems like a mod_rewrite or a directory structure issue.


Google 'how to enable mod_rewrite' and see if that fixes it first.

I'm a Magento Developer living in Melbourne, Australia with 4 x Magento certifications Smiley Happy

Re: Unable to access /magento and /magento/admin

Hi @yaronism


Are you able to see front end and the admin is showing error like following 

The requested URL /magento2index.php/admin/admin/dashboard/index/key/0c81957145a968b697c32a846598dc2e/ was not found on this server.


If front end is visible and you are facing the issue with admin url access, try to visit following official dev docs links which should help you.

1) Verify Installation

2) Apache Rewrite

You may not have enabled mode rewrite on your server.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum