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Unable to download magento

Unable to download magento

Hi, I was trying to download Magento community edition from the url Unfortunately once i fill and submit download, no action is happening?
any idea?magento-error.gif


Re: Unable to download magento

I have just try with same as you did for download, After filling up another form like company name, company url and so on, after submitting its automatically downloaded Magento source code.


Could you please try again or just check in other broswer, I have worked for Mozilla and google chrome browser.

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Re: Unable to download magento

Previously i face the same issue , sometimes it won't directly update  the details.


so solution is after logged in -> go to  this link - >



Updated all the company related details from there and click on save button.


Now try to download the Magento , It will works !!


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Re: Unable to download magento

Someone from Magento needs to check the download link for "Full Release with Sample Data (ZIP with sample data)". All I've been getting for over an hour now is a spinning gif in the middle of the popup form. I've tried with both Safari and Chrome, same results. I'm also logged into My Account.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.08.10 PM.png



Re: Unable to download magento

As i  mention above , its because of company details is not filled up in your my account.


Kindly Updated all the company related details from this link - >  and click on save button.


Then back to download page and then try to download . It will works !1


P.S : Right now if you want to see what error it is , open your browser console then click on download button it will shows that - company related information is required.

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Re: Unable to download magento

@TropicalWSAre you still having the issue? Try to download in other format. In drop down you can see download is available in Zip, gz and bz2. Try to download in gz and see if that allows you to download. If that does download it and use 7-zip software to extract. 7-zip is open source free software which can help in extract gz format file.


If you are able to download gz format, give another shot to download Magento in zip format. Let know if you still see the issue.


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Re: Unable to download magento

Hello ManthanDave:

You are correct!


What is strange about this is that the pop up box worked for the link without the sample data. The error that I noticed from the browser was a "Failed to load... resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()".


The other thing too is that I've had my account for a while now and only as you mentioned it that I realized that Magento made some form fields in My Account  "Required" (Revenue and No. of Employees), which wasn't the case before and now has to be selected.


The download now worked as a result of this.


Re: Unable to download magento

I had the same issue, looks like my account was created a long time ago and they didnt ask for all those fields in the profile so they were missing, after filling out the fields went back to download page and it worked right away.