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Upgrade from Mage 1 to Mage 2

Upgrade from Mage 1 to Mage 2

Has anyone upgraded from 1 to 2? What has your experience of the process been?


I currently work for a company that uses Magento v1.9.x and is intending to upgrade in the next 12 months to the latest version of Magento v2.x.x. So once I can get my hands on better hardware for my own home use, I might run the process myself at home as a test first to see if there is any issues I can expect.


Re: Upgrade from Mage 1 to Mage 2

Hi @damien_hunter


Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2


You define year span for migration over the latest generation magento 2.x, then its safe to presume that the size of your existing magento 1 build and data profile must be huge.


Migration process broadly involves four different aspects.


  • Theme Migration
  • Extension Migration
  • Customizations Migration
  • Data Migration


For Data porting make sure you utilize  Data Migration Tool - 


Frontend/theme, your community extension packs (paid/free) and whole custom codebase requires a kind of re-factoring and re-coding rounds depending on your e-commerce workflow, embedded business rules and lot other many narrow areas.


Particularly about your frontend end-user bounding shop, you may consider to face-lift overall shopfront design/appearance including mobile experience – this is something which will decide your theme migration approach.


Re : issue - while migrating data you may face some common issue which is outlined on Magento DevDocs itself, here is the reference link for the same - 


For Migrating codebase and theme its almost a rebuild process therefore, if you follow best practises and all coding complinces, well in that case you wouldn't face any issues in this area.


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Re: Upgrade from Mage 1 to Mage 2

I have deep experience in migration from magento 1 to Magento 2, if you have any question please inbox or leave a Skype message

Re: Upgrade from Mage 1 to Mage 2

From our experience, it would be best to proceed data migration in the first place. Once you verify all migrated data, you start with theme / extension integration.


In terms of data migration, it's more about the data migration tool you select. A right tool will help you do the heavy lifting.


Here's a few common Magento migration FAQs that we curated from our actual Magento data migration. We hope it might help you have an overview to prepare your own migration plan.

We have been building for Magento since 2009. See our growing Magento 2 Extensions & Themes collection.

Re: Upgrade from Mage 1 to Mage 2


I have already done migration of M1 to M2 for multiple web-stores. Please find below link of easy steps to do the same.

I hope this gonna make your migration process easy.