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Userswhen installing Magento 2

Userswhen installing Magento 2

Hey I'm new and trying to get dev server running Magento 2 running on a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04


I'm sure I'm going to mess up a few things but that's what a dev server is for right?


I've been going through the and now I'm trying to go through a second time and get everything installed.


Anyway, i had a question regarding the Mageno users. Apparently the user I created when I set up the server is "root" so I need to make a Magento File System Owner user (for sake of example I'll call the user MFSO in this example)


So what I'm asking is what needs to be installed by which user?


I mean Apache, MYSQL, PHP ect. does the Magento file system owner need to install all of these things (or just the actual Magento?) or should root be the one to install these? (by root I'm assuming the account name I set up when I first installed Ubuntu) or should I creat some other generic_everyday_user account that should be created?


I'm assuming all the extensions for php should be installed by whichever user installed php.


Any help would be appreciated Smiley Happy




Re: Userswhen installing Magento 2

Perhaps I'm answering my own question (not positive on the answer as this is coming from the install guide for a different version of Magento)


m1x install guide

mx1 guide says:

This article discusses how to install required prerequisite software for Ubuntu. You must complete these tasks before you install Magento CE 1.8 or later or Magento EE 1.13 or later.

Before you continue, make sure you familiarize yourself with the installation process discussed in Prerequisites.

noteNote: You must install system software on Ubuntu as a user with root privileges.
Updating System Software



I also dug up this link:


Root Disable by Default

Root Disabled Link says:

The root Account in Ubuntu is disabled by default because his password is not set



So I'm assuming that the default account I set up when installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is an account with root access and I should install all the software (other than Magento 2) from that account into the default settings.
Then I create the Magento File System Owner (MFSO) account.
Then add the MFSO to the Web Server's Group
usermod -g www-data <username>
Then I should change over to the MFSO and continue installing optional software?

Re: Userswhen installing Magento 2

Installing Magento 1 and Magento 2 are very different; you shouldn't compare them very much.


To answer your question, you have to install software as a user with root privileges (PHP, MySQL, Apache) but the Magento file system owner must own the files and directories on the Magento file system. Ownership is shared with the web server user because both users belong to the same group.


Look at our topic again and let us know if it helps or if you have other questions.