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Want to change the theme

Want to change the theme

Hi everyone
Hope you are doing good
I want to change the theme and CMS of my website. My website is related to laptop for engineering students. The current theme and the CMS is not suitable for me. Due to the CMS my website speed is to much slow. Please tell me about it that how can I change the theme and CMS. 
Thank You


Re: Want to change the theme

Hi @michalshawa98e,




You can change you theme from the backend of your magento. Magento provides default two themes Magento Luma and Magento Blank. You can also purchase the theme suitable to your engineering website. Check the following steps to change the default magento theme.

  •  Go to your store-> admin panel.
  •  Redirect to content -> design ->configuration.
  •  Click to Edit.
  • In Applied Theme dropdown, select the theme that you want to apply.

Click on Save to save all the configuration.


You can also create your own magento theme. 


Hope this will help you!

If not, feel free to contact us.



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