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Why is it so difficult installing Magento 2

Why is it so difficult installing Magento 2

For some strange reason I say yes to taking a Mangeto 2 project on, last used Mangeto 1.9 a few years back how difficult can it be??
Followed the Instructions on installing Via composer NO Joy, this is after Adobe sent me all over thier site to try and get me to download photoshop and abobe CS
FFS Adobe I don't want these I just want to install Mangeto locally 

Decided to install via GitHub copied the Repo, ran composer install
the ran

php bin/magento setup:install \
--base-url= \
--db-host=localhost \
--db-name=magento2 \
--db-user=magentip \
--db-password=youmysqlpassword \
--admin-firstname=Admin \
--admin-lastname=Admin \ \
--admin-user=admin \
--admin-password=admin123 \
--language=en_US \
--currency=USD \
--timezone=America/Chicago \

 Installed the DB, it decided I have an Error as I don't have OpenSearch or ElesticSerach installed - WTF do I need these for a local install.

It also decided I don't have a domain set up eventhough I specifically told it so..

I have done an Install on Windows Xammp No joy! and iMac using Valet. 

How difficult can it be or why is it so difficult, I have install countless amouts of Laravel Projects, WordPress project and anything in between Locally and pushed to live, why does Magento make life so hard.

If someone has a proper simplified step by step guide, that doesn't involve havibgn to have a masters degree I'd be intrested to hearing from you


Re: Why is it so difficult installing Magento 2

Hello @SmartMal 


You need either elastic seach or open search to install the Magento 2. 

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Re: Why is it so difficult installing Magento 2

You can not install Magento without elasticsearch or opensearch. Its a add-on in the process but these are required components in the installation of magento. Since elasticsearch is shifted to elastic license and the free version has limited access control, i would recommend going for opensource. Since it's licensed on Apache license and is a open source product, it give more access and control features. There are some other features that differentiate between the both but it all comes down to licensing difference. Also you can go for a managed magento hosting, where all the complexities would be dealt by the provider and you can focus on your site.

Re: Why is it so difficult installing Magento 2

Follow any tutorial for installing magento 2's latest version or any other specific version as you need:

Follow up any online blog tutorials like "Thecoachsmb's" or some other popular sites (Mageplaza),but below is my suggested blog page for installation and further learning(Thecoachsmb)-blog


I can give you the link for the tutorial:

For linux/ubuntu

For windows