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Why when I try to install using the Magento instructions I receive an error

Why when I try to install using the Magento instructions I receive an error


When I try to install Magento as follows:


composer create-project --repository-url= magento/project-community-edition=2.3.0 I receive the following error when start accepting the composer plugins:


Warning: Uncaught ErrorException: require(app/etc/NonComposerComponentRegistration.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in phar:///home/bumbinguglies/public_html/composer/src/Composer/Autoload/AutoloadGenerator.php:1422
Stack trace:
#0 phar:///home/bumbinguglies/public_html/composer/src/Composer/Autoload/AutoloadGenerator.php(1422): Composer\Util\ErrorHandler::handle(2, 'require(app/etc...', 'phar:///home/bu...', 1422, Array)
#1 phar:///home/bumbinguglies/public_html/composer/src/Composer/Autoload/AutoloadGenerator.php(1422): require()
#2 phar:///home/bumbinguglies/public_html/composer/src/Composer/Plugin/PluginManager.php(249): Composer\Autoload\composerRequire('b4cf39431a4b949...', 'app/etc/NonComp...')
#3 phar:///home/bumbinguglies/public_html/composer/src/Composer/Installer/PluginInstaller.php(79): Composer\Plugin\PluginManager->registerPackage(Object(Composer\Package\CompletePackage), true)
#4 [internal function]: Composer\Installer\PluginInstaller->Composer\Installer\{closure}(NULL)
#5 phar:/// in phar:///home/bumbinguglies/public_html/composer/src/Composer/Autoload/AutoloadGenerator.php on line 1422


Yet when I do it by cloning the GitHub repository everything goes smoothly, what I am doing wrong?


Re: Why when I try to install using the Magento instructions I receive an error

The error message showed that the file “app/etc/NonComposeComponentRegistration.php” couldn’t find during the installation process. Due to improper installation set-ups or there are missing files or dependencies, this error can take place during the installation.


There could be various reasons behind that why you are facing this error while you are doing Magento installation instructions with the composer.


1)Incorrect Magento Version: Ensure that, when you mention the Magento version when running with the composer command. If you want to install different versions, mention specifying the Magento version number in the Composer command.


2)Composer configuration: Make sure that, the composer configuration is up-to-date and properly organized. If you want to update the composer configuration, you can use this command (composer self-update). Furthermore, you have to check the required PHP extension is installed and enabled while doing the installation.


Closing the Github repository bypass the composer installation process, as you directly download the file from the repository. These methods maybe work if you already fixed composer-related issues which are mentioned above.


Hope this information will be helpful to you If you will solve your issues, Please gives a kudos.


Thank you