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Wrong Index Management setup leads to "Error Processing your Request"

Wrong Index Management setup leads to "Error Processing your Request"

Hello to everyone!

I'm a newbie to Magento, learning a bit on my own using localhost in a Windows 10 laptop.

After installing Magento 2 and fixing a little bug with the icons not showing up on Administration Panel, I was taking care of some initial messages from the system.

The first I tackled was dealing with Indexing and running cron job.

I went to System -> Index Mangement and set ALL of them to "updating when saved" (or something like that) ... I clicked to save the changes and my admin portal does not show up anymore. I get the error message: There has been an error processing your request.

[1] How can I undo those changes in order to view my admin panel back again? I'm assuming with this question there is a file somewhere, where any changes made are stored in text format.

[2] How could I work with, and configure, cron when in a Windows system? All info I have found so far (a bit of today's morning) deals with linux-like commands.

I'm a linux enthusiast, don't get me wrong, but not everybody works with that os and I want to be ready for every circumstance with future clients.