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admin menu not working

admin menu not working

I admit this is my first time trying Magento, but so far I am unimpressed. Been working on this for 6 hours and can't even get the **bleep** thing installed.


First, I had issues with the CSS/js not loading, but I got past that. Now, I have a backend dashboard, but I can't get any further. Navigation items all end in "#" so they go nowhere.


I have tried ALL suggestions concerning this issue: delete all in pub/static except .htaccess, changed the line in the di.xml, checked permissions on the folders. 


Re: admin menu not working

I am in the EXACT same boat, Debian 8 here. It's been driving me f**king INSANE for hours!! I'm about ready to lose my **bleep** mind. There is nothing wrong with my server configuration, yet just to be effin sure I went and wiped the whole thing to start fresh. Same **bleep** issue. I've made sure this time around to NOT enable Apache rewrites, and I still get the same issue. Absolutely no change. Every single time I go through the whole install, I'm left with no stylesheets/css and no admin access.


So.. I feel your pain, big time.


As an addition, even though the installer reckons it was successful and everything went A-OK, there is absolutely nothing in /pub/static other than the below. 


Re: admin menu not working

After running 

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

the folder is no longer empty, yet the issue remains. 

Re: admin menu not working

So manually renaming /pub/static/frontend/Magento/luma/en_US to en_IE was necessary, as apparently choosing my actual locale during install doesn't work. Now my style sheets load on the front page. Still no backend access as I assume it's still trying to use a rewrite regardless of my specifying not to use rewrite? This installer is absolutely atrocious! 

Re: admin menu not working

... aaaaand finally I had to piece together the ACTUAL admin URL myself, it isn't simply


That doesn't work. At all. Ever. I don't know why the installer directs you there, or why anywhere I've searched for documentation tells you to go there.


THAT worked for me. 


To the OP, I hope some of this was useful to you... now I'm going to go kill myself. I hope to God I'll never have to use Magento again. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll get that wish.