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app/code folders missing

app/code folders missing

The tutorial I'm working through:

does not explain what to do with the missing app/code directory. Neither does the book tutorial I am reading. Google search doesn't answer this question in a way that I can proceed.


Can't I just create this directory? If so where should it go?

Does composer create this directory? Do I have to use composer? If so — how?




Re: app/code folders missing

If you cloned the Magento 2 GitHub repository, you have the app/code directory.


If you got the Magento software some other way (either using a Composer metapackage or a compressed archive), the vendor directory is equivalent to app/code.

Re: app/code folders missing

Thanks for your reply.


I got Magento by compressed archive. I could not get the tutorial for Magento to work and I wasn't sure if the app/code directory I created was the reason. I created the directory in my computer simply by right-clicking inside the magento  folder an choosing New > Folder. I created an app/code folder directory like this:




Should I do this?







Re: app/code folders missing

I don't think you should create the folders at all. If you need to develop code for Magento, you should clone the GitHub repository.


Having app/code directories will probably just make things too confusing.