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at a loss to understand the process

at a loss to understand the process


ID: MAG004411763


Hi Guys


I am in the process of trying to set up a group of online stores and it has been suggested that to me by some non IT colleagues that Magento is the platform to use.

However I am at a loss to understand the process.


I lost the plot when your system discovered that I was running win 10 home and I was asked to down load and install the toolbox, at this point I had already downloaded and installed build-563286a7151b923c2f59388e00745af8, Docker Quickstart, Kitematic, Devbox and have joined the Github.


I have a different login to the marketplace, I am at a loss as to how this all comes together to make a cohesive system that produces a wed store.


Can someone please lend me a helping hand to get started.


Best Regards




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S: Andrew - MySavvyBargains