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core_config_data doesn't exist


core_config_data doesn't exist

I've installed a fresh copy of Magento 2.1, and everything worked fine until I tried to run bin/magento setup:upgrade. It might have to do with the snowdog theme I wanted to add but I can't figure it out..

Basically every command I try now gives me the following error:



  SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'mydb.core_config_data' doesn't exist


However, this table does exist.. So I don't get it. I can't even cache:clean without getting this error now.


Edit: cleaning and flushing through the magento admin panel does work.. So it's just with commands.


Re: core_config_data doesn't exist

Hi HyperCubz,

According to your error message, it seems that you Magento have installed but some database schema query didn't get executed. Please check your database for the 'core_config_data' table. If not there create it manually or reinstall Magento2.

Re: core_config_data doesn't exist

Ok so I found the problem. I'm running Magento on MAMP, but running php bin/magento from CLI tries to access the wrong MySQL databases. My products and everything are stored in mydb (via MAMP), but I also have a local phpMyAdmin setup which it is trying to connect to. Hard to explain. Anyway, how do I point my CLI to the databases from MAMP?

Re: core_config_data doesn't exist

Sorry, I didn't got your point please can you explain a little bit more?

Re: core_config_data doesn't exist

Sorry I was a bit unclear.

I'm working on OSX.


The problem is that I'm running 2 mysql servers. One is run through 'brew services start mysql'. I'm not using that one anymore. The other mysql server is run with MAMP. I installed my Magento on the MAMP server, but for some reason my terminal tries to access the mysql server created by brew.. (which doesn't have the 'mydb' database). For the rest my Magento works fine (products and users are correctly saved in the MAMP server database).

Re: core_config_data doesn't exist


Thanks for the explanation basically command is executed with php for example

{magento_root}$ php bin/magento cache clean, here php is (us/bin/php as on LAMP). So I guess you have to find out your correct PHP installed php .i.e. locate php.ini directory. I think you have to provide complete path like path/to/your/mamp/php bin/magento cache clean. 

You can check it using a file in you Magento directory. add the following code code to a file and access it from browser


echo phpinfo();


this is display the all server information.


Re: core_config_data doesn't exist

Hi, I have the same issue. The 'core_config_data' exist in the database. but the error persist.

can you give more detailed step by step help? I am new to magento.