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install magento 2 alongside my existing site

install magento 2 alongside my existing site

Hi all.

Maybe someone can help me out here.

I have designed and deployed many static sites in the past, now one of my static sites wants an online ordering system in place.

I t doesnt have to have payment options or gateways as customers get billed as they normally would through existing systems already in place, and established.

What i want to do is just integrate an online ordering system for the products ( I know magento is overkill but in the long term it may pay off).

question is.

Can i install magento alongside my static site on the server and link to it ( YES is the simple answer as I understand it) ..

But before i go screwing it up would it be better to run magento in the root directory and the static in its own folder named say static..

Or run my static site in root directory as it is now and install magento in its own folder and link to that folder when clicking on the online order link to fire the magento store up.

Also is there a simple way to remove the payment gateways/ options from the store ( I have read that you just set price to zero etc) . This has to be as its ONLY for ordering not for payments due to the fact that different customers get different prices on goods ( depending how big the customer order is how regular they are etc (you get the idea one man band isn't going to get the same price as big corperation hence the already in place billing option where also certain customers get time to pay etc)

As I say I know Magento is way overkill for what i want to do but it seems to be the most reliable out there and has the ability to "grow" with the business

Thanks Guys



Re: install magento 2 alongside my existing site


I think you can install magento in folder with name shop/store and give link on your website like static-site/shop. that is good option instead of using static.

if you dont want to get payment online and just get order without accepting payment then, in configuration you can enable pay by check or DD option that will help you to take payment offline and also maintain order records and other inventory item. You can also make customer group to define product price according to customer but it is working only after customer logs into shop.

Jignesh Aakoliya