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magento 2 2.4 - site not found after installation

magento 2 2.4 - site not found after installation

I would like to test magento locally with xampp.


I already have:

1. composer installed

2. Public-Key + Private-Key generated in my Adobe account

3. run this command in the cmd from vscode:

composer create-project --repository-url= magento/project-community-edition webprojects/magento/

4. copy + paste public key

5. copy + paste private key

-> successfully installed

6. change httpd.conf > Documentroot from xampp:

DocumentRoot "C:\webprojects\magento"
<Directory "C:\webprojects\magento">

7. change the php.ini


8. afterwards i called localhost in the webbrowser chrome


i see the site route to http://localhost/pub/setup/ but become this error:

This page does not work
localhost redirected you too often.
Delete your cookies.

can someone help me?


all cookies are deleted and i also accessed the page with firefox

thank you for any feedback


best regards