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missing icons in frontend


missing icons in frontend

After installing my shop, and running php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy the shop and backend look fine except for font icons in the front end.




Icons showing in backwnd no problem.  How do I get to show in front?


Re: missing icons in frontend

Hi Robbie,


Have you tried flushing and refreshing the cache?




Leslie B.
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Re: missing icons in frontend

The issue is caused because of cross-domain policies when the frontend or the admin panel are accessed from a different address than the one configured in the OpenCart config files. For example, if you have installed your OpenCart for the address but you access your site via you will experience such issue.

The solution to this is fairly simple. Open config.php file from OpenCart root folder as well as config.php from the admin folder and make sure HTTP_SERVER and HTTPS_SERVER point to www location. Visit this link to know more:-

Re: missing icons in frontend

This is for magento 2, not opencart

Re: missing icons in frontend

The fonts were in 


I needed them to be in  


Copy over and work.  There are more static files in the US folder that is not in the GB folder.  Anyone know why