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multi website development and production environments

Re: multi website development and production environments

@dandanjome3465 wrote:


Thanks for the reply.  The link to the docs you sent is for if a project is hosted on Magento's Commerce Cloud, right?  Our site is hosted on Magemojo and is using the open source(community) version of Magento 2.3.4.  I think this makes a difference here.  So, do you suggest that I initially make a repo and push everything without a .gitignore, then clone to my local machine? Can I use the Magento Cloud CLI without magento cloud commerce to create the different staging environments? I was under the impression that this will cost extra money and is part of a different plan.  Still pretty confused and would love more advice!



I also got issue with same description but not get answer and the detail they provide not working.

Re: multi website development and production environments

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your multi-website development and production environments. I'm not an expert in Magento, but I did find a great resource that might be helpful to you. Check out web design in north wales. He's a web designer who specializes in Magento development. He has a blog post specifically about managing multiple Magento websites and how to set up different environments using git. It's a bit technical, but it might have the information you need.
As for your question about using the Magento Cloud CLI without Magento Cloud Commerce, I'm not entirely sure. It might be best to reach out to Magento support for clarification on that.