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project in subfolder (

project in subfolder (

Hi, this is a kinda simple question still I'm struggling to figure out how to achieve this.

I have a landing page, and if the user clicks to enter a certain section I want him to see the store (located at /magento).


When I'm installing Magento through the command line there's a baseURL argument, what I should put in there? My intuition is it should be, but I get errors.

Maybe I'm not configuring Nginx properly. Here's my super simple config:

server {    listen                      80 default_server;    listen                      443 default_server ssl;    ssl_certificate             /etc/nginx/ssl/cert.pem;    ssl_certificate_key         /etc/nginx/ssl/key.pem;    client_max_body_size        10M;    root /var/www/html;    location /magento {
root /var/www/html/magento; index index.php; } }

I tried using baseURL as and, I also tried removing the location ./magento... from Nginx. I will get 404 errors.

Any ideas on how tho achieve this goal? Thanks.


Re: project in subfolder (

Please follow the below to resolve this


To Install magento 2 in subfolder you can follow this.


Let me know if any issues

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