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unable to reset user password

unable to reset user password

Dear Magento Team


I tried to reset the admin password in admin_user table via phpMyAdmin 5.6.16.

After unsuccessful attempts due to unable to pick SHA256 format from the phpMyAdmin gui,

how can i reset the password ?


I have limited with mySql knowledge.





Re: unable to reset user password

Hi @dibsmcsIngh,


You can use the new Magento CLI.


If you know exactly the username and email registered for your user, you can execute this command:


bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user="the_same_username" --admin-password="your_new_password" --admin-email="the_same_email" --admin-firstname="John" --admin-lastname="Doe"

Using the same username and email the password will be updated.


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Re: unable to reset user password

Hello, maybe you can use password manager to reset your admin password and it works very well.What`s more it is a mutipipe device for almost device in recovery and password protection.It is free and you can have a try.