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when i run php --ini in ssh i get /usr/local/php56/lib

when i run php --ini in ssh i get /usr/local/php56/lib

when i run php --ini in ssh i get

Configuration File (php.ini) Path: /usr/local/php56/lib
Loaded Configuration File: /usr/local/php56/lib/php.ini
Scan for additional .ini files in: /usr/local/php56/etc
Additional .ini files parsed: /usr/local/php56/etc/extensions.ini,


does this mean magento is being corrupted because its trying to use php version 5.6

this is the info.php file


Even though Info.php says 7.0, and the local php.ini is set to php7.0


I've been having soo many issues installing it

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Re: when i run php --ini in ssh i get /usr/local/php56/lib

Hi @Umair,


You're using two different versions of PHP (7.0 with Apache and 5.6 at CLI).

I don't knwo which Linux distro are you using but let me assume you are using Ubuntu and your 7.0 package of PHP is called: php7.0.

In that case you could execute this on your console:


sudo ln -sfn /usr/bin/php7.0 /etc/alternatives/php

That should do the trick. (But before execute this be sure about the name of the package).

Or maybe you can share your distro name and php package name to try to find the right command.

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