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whoops our fault

whoops our fault


I'm newbye on Magento and I'm tryng to setup Magento community edition on a local win machine. 
I'm using wamp64 and the installation succedeed. I can see the store home (Luma) correctly.

But if I click on each link except from home i got the message "Woops our fault". Including admin and login. I can't do anything because the login doesn't work.

Some information:
OS: win7 64 bit

CE edition: 2.1.7 with sample data.

WAMP server: 3.0.6 64 bit

PHP: 7.0.10

APACHE: 2.4.23 (curl loaded and rewrite module checked)

MYSQL: 5.7.14 database creted OK and passed setup check.


Any suggestion is *very* appreciated, since I suppose this issue is a basic issue.

Thanks in advance.


Re: whoops our fault

You can just apply reindex command,


php bin/magento indexer:reindex

Remove var/generation folder.


If still not works, Check with 

Gives index.php after base url.


If issue resolved, Click Kudos/Accept as solutions.

If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.

Re: whoops our fault

Thanks  Rakesh Jesadiya

It doesn't work. Same issue.


The reindex command worked well (got some messages that indexes have been rebuilt successfully), I removed the mentioned folder but get same message (whoops...).

What do you mean with: 


Check with 

Gives index.php after base url.


Re: whoops our fault

Solved reinstalling all packages.

Guess the problem was: 

installation OK

open main page OK but I noted first time take a lot of time

clicking on another link before loading complete causes errors.


However: go next step in creating business!!