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Whats's the recommended CMS for Magento2 integration?

Whats's the recommended CMS for Magento2 integration?

Magento2 provides CMS by default but it's not enough for our marketing purpose.

There are many famous CMS platform like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3 .. etc

If we plan to use another CMS platform as our brand site and it could integrate with Magento2 completely, which one is recommended from you?


I know there is a magento-drupl project but it's stopped now

(From it's note, Drupal community plans to stop the project?)


There is a wordpress-magento extension and it's under developing.

(But it doesn't support Magento2 now)


As a brand site, it needs many information including product information, customer services which are stored in Magento2.

Therefore, I wish the CMS platform could integrate with Magento2 completely.


Thanks to your inputs.


Re: Whats's the recommended CMS for Magento2 integration?

There is more 2.X built in CMS functionality planned this year (not my area to commit on dates so this is not a 100% commitment, but active design work etc is going on internally). But this is built in features, not external integrations.


There are M2 extensions listed at if you want to browse around, but I don't have deep insight personally into what extensions are getting ready for release by extension developers. The arrival rate of new M2 extensions is increasing. So if its not there now, it might pay to check back periodically... until the Marketplace launches at which time the URL may change.


Sorry this is a bit vague, but it is the best answer I have right now.

Re: Whats's the recommended CMS for Magento2 integration?

You don't necessarily need to use another CMS plateform, it exists some built-in Magento 2 solutions. 

We have developed a CMS extension for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x as well : Advanced Content Manager.
It offers similar features as ACF for Wordpress if you know it.

You can create any types of Contents : blog, store locator, landing pages, home pages, team presentation, comments, lookbooks and more...

You can add custom fields : text, images, files, selection menus, and bind them to your products, attributes, or other content types as well.

And you can make content lists as well.


You can check our demo:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Re: Whats's the recommended CMS for Magento2 integration?

Recommendations are hard as it depends on your project requirements. Budget is one big factor. Best I can answer is some general guidance.