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Adding Mass Action in Cutomer Grid

Adding Mass Action in Cutomer Grid

Hello All, I am looking for some help.  I am using I have an extension that allowed me to create a custom customer attribute (AmarProfile is the extension) and created the attribute "salesperson" to track which rep a customer is serviced by. It is a drop down field.


I would now like to have a mass action in the customer grid that would allow me to select multiple customers and change thier sales rep from say "Eric W" to "Chris H" in case Eric W leaves the company and Chris H takes over. 


How can I do this? Is there an extension for this? I have found the following tutorial, but I am not a programmer/coder by trade so I am not sure I understand all of what's going on. What files exactly do I need to edit? In section 1.2 how do I know my path to the "mass operation" and how do I even know if I have one already to do this?


Please be gentle, and if possible explain it to me like you would a 5 year old! Smiley Very Happy Thanks!


Re: Adding Mass Action in Cutomer Grid

I would use standard Magento Customer import functionality to update existing customers.

See here:



You need two columns in the import file: email and salesperson.

It is not very user friendly, but still an option if you do not want to pay for additional development.

Re: Adding Mass Action in Cutomer Grid

Just saw this. Thank you