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Admin order view Items not showing up

Admin order view Items not showing up

I am having magento ver, suddenly it stopped showing order items when I check order information in magento admin, while we didn't even modified any file of site, neither installed any new plugin or something, so like nothing changed on site, currently its showing like this:

Magento Admin Order View Page


when I tried to check template files located at:


filename: info.phtml

I found that at line no. 92: echo $this->getItemsHtml(); should print the order items, but its returning nothing, I tried adding line:

echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('core/template')->setTemplate('sales/order/view/items.phtml')->toHtml();

which started giving headings like product name, price, qty etc, but still not showing products. I do not have any other theme enabled for admin rather than default one, can someone help me with this please.