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Advice on selling dangerous goods

Advice on selling dangerous goods

I'm looking for some advice on how to sell dangerous goods in relation to shipping as described by IATA and ADR with Magento. Here's my ideal situation;


  1. Mark a product as 'dangerous' in Magento.
  2. If a customer adds this product to their cart shipping methods/carriers which accept dangerous goods are the only choices available at checkout. 
  3. Dangerous goods surcharge is applied to the shipping if required.

I'm guessing this will be pretty hard to accommodate with off-the-shelf extensions so any advice on how to best approach dangerous goods would be appreciated.


PS. Apologies if this is not in the correct forum category - seemed the most logical.


Re: Advice on selling dangerous goods


I've had to do similar before and I used a plugin by WebShop Apps (Product Matrix). (I'm sure there are plenty of other similar modules out there; but I've only had experience in this one)


This allows you to create shipping groups for certain types of products and show different shipping options dependant on which products are in your cart.


It can sometimes be a bit trial and error to get the CSV file setup as you want - but they have an extensive wiki that usually helps me along my way.







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Re: Advice on selling dangerous goods

@villie You can consider the @iweb_p3mbo advice related to shipping. When you decide to sell dangerous products online check the government laws for that kind of products. Also check if the goverment allows that kind of product to be sold online?

Take proper licenses for the business. 


If you want to sell internationally then you must verify which countries allow /prohibit these kinds of items.

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