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Australia post shipping issue

Australia post shipping issue

The Issue

Client wants a Magento site on condition the below problem can be overcome.


The client has a number of items that he sells currently via phone order, they range in weight from a couple of kilograms to 15 kg per item.

He also sells the products as a bundle to make a complete kit

Currently if someone orders a kit over the phone from our client, he ships all (total weight approximately 60kg) individual items separately, because Australia Post's maximum weight they will take is a 22kg per parcel.

If he uses another shipping service he would have to wrap all items to a pallet, with the need then for a forklift to lift and move the pallet.
Therefore a more expensive shipping option.

I believe that Magento Shipping with Australia Post Table Rates is the only  option for me with this issue

Could someone please clarify to me if this is the only or best option for me with this problem


Thank you

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Re: Australia post shipping issue

Can anyone just give me a tiny hint.
Are table rates the way to go here.


Re: Australia post shipping issue



You can follow this link.


It may help you.

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