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Backend panel admin empty - total blank

Backend panel admin empty - total blank

I really hope some good soul can help me.
I have a very serious problem and I can not get out in any way.
Obviously I have already tried to republish all files in FTP from my backup (except DB)
Days ago I installed a customer attribute form to add new fields to the registration form.
After a few days, I can not access the Magento admin panel anymore.
I'm almost leaving the empty page, total blank.
Inserting in the index.php the error report string, I receive this error from the browser:


    [type] => 8
    [message] => Undefined index: block
    [file] => /var/www/
    [line] => 36

My version Magento is 1.9.2

How can I fix it? It looks like a serious thing :-(