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Basic Configurable Product Setup


Basic Configurable Product Setup

Hello all,


I'm really sorry for this if this is ridiculously basic for a lot of members, I am however very new to Magento but not to general CMS or e-commerce back ends etc.


I am currently in the middle of trying to create products that will have two sets of options so for example a certain coloured t-shirt and then a drop down for each individual size which can also be inventory managed at each single level.


I spent a while yesterday trying to watch videos and reading articles all over of the best method of setting that type of product up and I have got my site working in that manner with the few products I currently have but the whole process of the way I was shown seems a bit crazy so was just wondering if this was the correct method or if not if someone could point me in the right direction.


So, I have my attribute all set up for the colour and size which are in a new set renamed for t-shirt specific products.


The way then I have been doing this is setting up a 'simple product' for every single option that my customers can have (black in small, medium large etc then white in the same which means I am creating 6 total simple products.


I'm then creating a 'configurable' product which pulls all 6 of the single products I have already created via 'associated products'


I understand there is a few ways of setting products like this up but this I've seen so far as the only way to track inventory at a single product level.


Is this currently the most efficient method of creating these types of products? It all seems a bit odd to me as if I'm doing it a rather long route round?


Again I understand this is probably super basic to most, so apologies for that, but I did spend most of yesterday afternoon trying to figure all this out and I ended up with all kinds of conflicting articles and videos so figured I would ask here and see if someone could just clarify it for me?


Thanks in advance to any help Smiley Happy




Re: Basic Configurable Product Setup

Hello Jordan!

From what you described, I guess you have done everything correctly.

One small hint from personal experience, lots of people prefer to create configurable products first and then use 'Quick simple product creation' in Associated product tab to create simple product right from configurable.

It saves time as you just need to select values from a few drop-downs.


In case you have lots of variations to be created, for example, if you have 15 colors and 5 sizes then you will have to create 75 simple products variations. Manually it will be difficult, even with quick form, as you will have to track what combinations you have already created (since each should be unique).


In this case you can make use of Store Manager for Magento extension that allows to generate all the simple products variations in 2 clicks. It is paid, but you can do it with fully-functional trial for 14 days without any fees (can be downloaded from my signature).

Here is also article with video to see how it works in action -

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.