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Best way to sell on Ebay and Amazon from Magento

Best way to sell on Ebay and Amazon from Magento

Currently, I'm on Magento 1.9 and have around 2000 products but im looking at growing this a lot soon - Also the products are configuration heavy, many have colour swatch options and then a lot of different "shop by filters" like size, shape ETC (bathroom store)


I want to easily sell my products on eBay and Amazon whilst getting stock level updates from suppliers on CSV files and keep this updated. List configurable products, update listings from one place and have all the obvious basic control


I've looked at Linnworks (£150 a month) and M2Epro (sky-high price for volume), and there are some extension for Magento 1.9 but i'm not sure which are suitable if any amazon + ebay
There are a lot more extensions for M2 that I can see - Wonder if anyone uses these

I've looked at other Ecom packages but I believe with my growing products I'm better with Magento - I've spent so much money developing M1, just P's me off when you see other platforms likeWordPress updating on a rolling scale


The question is - do I spend thousands of $$ and hundreds of hours on moving to M2 in the hope the extensions for the integration work or do I stay on M1 and use Linnworks? or stay on M1 and use one of these extensions???


Wondering if anyone is having success with any of these methods....

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