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Brand new to Magento - Please help with theme issues!

Brand new to Magento - Please help with theme issues!

Hi everyone


I am literally brand new to Magento (I have come from a Wordpress background) and have fallen at the first hurdle - please be gentle.


I installed Magento through Softaculous and have version  I noticed that it came with a theme called Madison Island already live and working.  I have bought a different theme however specifically for a watch store that I want to open up (Moos theme from PlazaThemes on Themeforest) 


Now all I want to do is use the new theme I have and not the Madison one.  I have gone through a thousand online tutorials, all telling me different things to do and now I have run out of options.


I've extracted the theme, used FTP to move the app/js/lib/media/skin folders of the new theme into the root of the site (although these folders already existed, I guess because of the Madison theme).  In the Magento admin panel of my site I went to System/Config/Design and typed in the name of what I think is the directory where the theme is ma_moos/ma_moos3 and put this in every field under Package and Theme except translation.


I then went to System/Design/Add a design change and selected Store:  English, Custom Design:  ma_moos3 (my new theme).


This is where I am at, I don't know what's happened but now I seem to have a mix of the 2 themes going on, it's a mess!  The URL is is anyone can take a look, it's got the right header but the Madison site underneath.


I've been at this for hours and hours and am at my wits end, any help on this would be fantastic