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Bulk update stock status

Bulk update stock status

I have ALOT of products that has the stock status: Out of stock. How to bulk update all these products to in stock?

I want the customers to have the possibility to backorder products...





Re: Bulk update stock status



Please, make sure that you have inventory options enabled. Go to System -> Configuration and in section Catalog select Inventory tab. In Products stock options setting you need to have Manage stock set to 'Yes'.


After that in Catalog-> Manage products check the boxes for products you want to update, then select Actions - Update Attributes -> Submit


In Inventory tab set Stock availability to In stock and check the box to update, then save changes.


 Hope this helps.


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Re: Bulk update stock status

How to keep product always in stock even in qty is negative?



Re: Bulk update stock status

Go to System > Configuration > Catalog : Inventory > Stock Options, there's an option "Display Out of Stock Products". Turn it on. This makes rest of the options relevant.

Tanel Raja