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Bundle Products

Bundle Products

I am creating bundle products of a 10 pack of brushes.


I have 10 drop downs in the listing so customers can choose a different colour for each pack.... however, when an order comes through, only the SKU for the main page comes out eg, 10-PACK-BRUSHES.


When it should be 10-PACK-BRUSHES then below all of the choices... eg. BLUE-BRUSH, GREEN-BRUSH, YELLOW-BRUSH etc, so the warehouse know what to pick.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, cheers!


Re: Bundle Products



When you created this product in the Magento backend, did you choose bundle product type or configurable product type? What description you provided, it looks like you should use configurable product with all the color options.



Aditya Katiyar

Re: Bundle Products

I used bundle, because at first when I used configurable... whatever colour I chose in the first drop down, e.g. black, would only let me choose black for the other drop-downs and would say 'out of stock' for the other colours.


Then if I started again and chose pink for example, the only colour available would be pink and black would all of a sudden be out of stock and so would the other colours.


Any help would be really appreciated, been trying to figure this out for a while now. Cheers.