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Bundle products special price

Bundle products special price


I am in the process of setting up my first Magento store. I have a number of bundle products to add and am facing the following two issues.


The first is that the special price is expressed as a percentage rather than a fixed monetary amount. The reason this is an issue is that it is not always possible to get the exact special price wanted with a percentage value that offers up to 2 positions after the decimal point. Is there a setting that I am not seeing that will allow the bundle special price to be expressed as a fixed amount?


The second issue is that when a special price is entered for the bundle, on the front end it shows the special price but not the regular price with strike through as it does with a simple product. It is important for customers to see that buying the products in the bundles would be cheaper than buying the same products individually. This could be a theme issue but I am asking here just in case.