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CE 2.2.1: Web Setup Wizard not available

CE 2.2.1: Web Setup Wizard not available



I am new in Magento land, so if I ask something stupid, my apologize upfront Smiley Wink


I ordered hosting with a pre-installation of Magento 2 (version CE 2.2.0). 

I soon figured out that the System -> Tools -> Web Setup Wizard option wan't available.


At the same time version CE 2.2.1 came out, and via the online instructions ( how to update, I was able to update via the CLI.

Unfortunately CE 2.2.1 didn't bring me the Web Setup Wizard.


Am I missing something? Doing it wrong? Are there certain settings that I first have to configure?




Re: CE 2.2.1: Web Setup Wizard not available

Starting from Magento 2.2.0, the Web Setup Wizard is disabled by default for production deployments. To enable it in a development or staging environment, follow these steps:

  1. SSH into your Magento server or access the command line.

  2. Navigate to the Magento root directory.

  3. Enable the Web Setup Wizard module and update the Magento setup:

    bashCopy code
    php bin/magento module:enable Magento_WebSetup php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Clear the Magento cache:

    arduinoCopy code
    php bin/magento cache:flush

After completing these steps, the Web Setup Wizard should be available in the System menu.

Remember, enabling the Web Setup Wizard is not recommended for production sites. Use it only in non-production environments.