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Catalog Price Rules "Double Dipping"

Catalog Price Rules "Double Dipping"

So I have two sales going on right now on Category A and B with two separate rules because two separate percentages off. What I want to know is, if I have a product that is in both categories, how do I stop those items from having both sales applying to it?


In other words Product is in Category A and B. Percentage 1 takes off Product for being in Category A and then takes off Percentage 2 for being in Category B. I just want one of the sales to affect it.


I tried changing the priority of the sales, didn't work. In Category A's rules I set a secondary rule to be "Category is not Category B", but that didn't work either. I don't want to remove the Product out of one of the Categories. Thoughts?


Re: Catalog Price Rules "Double Dipping"

Well it just randomly fixed itself so.... shrugs