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Catalog Price Rules


Catalog Price Rules



I am trying to set up a catalog price rule that would give a discount to a certain category of products within a price range. Is this possible? Say i'm selling computers, I know I can give 50% off laptops using catalog price rules and a user will see that while browsing. Am I able to give 50% off laptops which have a price between $800-$1000? If not, is there any extensions that can help with this?




Re: Catalog Price Rules

Hi @nickwatkins,


You can do that by using Magento and you don't need any additional extension.

In order you need to add a new catalog price rule with the following conditions:


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 9.51.52 PM.png


The category with the ID 9 is just an example, you can filter your catalog using several conditions to get just the laptops.

Best regards.

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Re: Catalog Price Rules

Ahh, thank you Gabriel!! I thought it should be this simple but found out my issue shortly after. I did not have my price attribute set as available to use in promotions. Once I added this attribute to be allowed to use in promotions, in then showed up in the drop down menu where it had not before. All things going smoothly now!

I appreciate it.

Re: Catalog Price Rules