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Categories duplicated? behaving strangely.

Categories duplicated? behaving strangely.

So I have a project in progress i need a wholesale website, a retail website, and will run two retail locations soon as well, so i set up the 4 stores/websites/etc all is fine, i set up inventory in the wholesale side first, since i want to keep separate inventory for each and will have SOME different merchandise, i created the products in wholesale, then i grabbed a duplicate categories extension, worked fine, duplicated the category with products..


in "ALL STORES VIEW" in category management, however my retail website category works, i put the duplicated data in there, but it doesnt show in the retail website, so i drop down the store view to just the retail website, and the root category is the same, but the sub categories are ones i created a while ago, so in all store view i have:

Wholesale Root

retail website root

retail1 root

and retail 2 root


all shows and looks proper. whne i drop to retail website store view.. there is the same named root category, but the subcategories are older ones, and none of the new ones are there.


i even changed the name, and changed that setting in manage stores it pretends its working properly but the same thing happens, i made a new root called "WTF" pointed the retail website to that root, saved, go to all store view, sees all 4 as normal, if i drop down the retail store view it shows the wrong one again.. but the wrong ones dont show in the all stores view..