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Category descriptions not showing


Category descriptions not showing

magento community edition

buzzthemes computer store theme


Ok, we were going along, adding pretty descriptions to the categories.  They were displaying just fine.

Then they stopped showing.  It's only two categories and their children doing this.  All the rest of the descriptions show just fine, it's just these few categories.  The tree is - one anchor category, with several children, and then a few of those have children too.  Other child categories with children are showing as expected.  I have compared line by line to make sure they're the same in both settings. 


I re-indexed my data, I cleared the magento cache (even tho I have it turned off for development), and I cleared my browser cache, and had a friend look on their computer. 


I'm lost as to where I'd look next?


In the meantime, I was also adding in 2 more stores with their own domain names, but these categories in question are in the first store.  I mention it because I'm not sure if this could cause a problem, lol