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Change special price label


Change special price label

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I'm trying to change the word inside the blue circle (מכירה).  For people who don't know Hebrew (I don't), the blue circle is there because the product has a special price/sale price.  I've checked the label in  the special_price attribute but it contains a different word. So, מכירה isn't coming from the special_price attribute as far as I can tell. I then checked the labels of all the attributes that had something to do with price and couldn't find the word "מכירה" in them either.  Maybe it comes from some translation file? I only have access to the magento admnistrative interface at the moment, otherwise I could investigate myself.


Re: Change special price label



You check step by step:

1. Check your site used any extensions?

2. You check attributes product related to special price label.

3. Check the product listing template: catalog/product/list.phtml. This is a good solution because you will know exactly your word is hard code or in translation file.

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Re: Change special price label

Thanks MrKhoa! Re #2, I think so. I checked the special_price attribute but the word is not there. I guess #3 - looking at the source code is the way to go then.