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Change the store id of Magento store

Change the store id of Magento store

I have a live store. Currently it has store_id=1, I want to change store_id from 1 to 7 using database. Is it possible to make this change ? Will it affect the working of my website ? Please tell me



Re: Change the store id of Magento store

Everything's possible, but in your case you have to consider couple of things: store_id's can be found pretty much everywhere inside Magento data model which means that you need tons of queries to replace them all. Also there're constraints and foreign keys to consider so imagine the Boromir meme here (One does not simply update store_id-s). You need to disable those, make changes and make sure that they're restored. Magento uses cascades and stuff extensively so you need to put them back or risk serious database problems.

Tanel Raja