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Changing error message language in the back end

Changing error message language in the back end

Hi !


Anybody knows if there is a way to change the language of the ''Error Messages'' returned in the back end but not in the live website ?


Here is our situation, the default language of our Magento Community that we built a year ago is French.


We now have a new point of sale system in store and we want to link our instore inventory to what is available in our Magento store. We will do that through a channel developped by Accumula. But they want to have the error sent back in English and not in French like it is right now.


The developper of the Channel say that other customers solved it quite easily but it seems to be a big deal for our developper.


If anybody as any indication for us that would be amazing.


Thank you !


Re: Changing error message language in the back end

Hi Alex,


All the Admin messages for your locale are maintained in a CSV file that is related to your theme. The file is located at: [magento]/app/design/adminhtml/[default]/[default]/locale/[en_US]

In this example, my package and theme are "default" and my locale CSV file is "en_US," but yours will be whatever French locale file you'e using. Most people use the default theme for the Admin, but you might have a different theme.

If you download the CSV file and open it in a spreadsheet, you'll see two columns of text messages. The first column contains the current messages , and the second column contains any changes you want to make. By default, both columns are the same. If you're editing the csv file using a text editor, the text in columns A and B appear on separate lines. The first line is the current message and the second line is what you want to change it to.

Make sure to keep a backup copy of the original, just in case you want to restore things the way they were.
Find the message that you want to change, and update the text in the second column. Be careful to preserve any special characters such as #% that represent variable data.

Then, upload the updated file to your server, overwriting the original.

If the default language of your Admin is French, you can translate the single message that you want to change to English. As a result, that message will appear in English, while the rest of your Admin messages are still in French.

There might be other solutions, but this is one way to do it without any custom programming.

Here are some related topics from the user guide that might help:
Adding a Language
Changing UI Text

You might need to refresh the cache. Go to Cache Management and see if there's any cache that needs to be refreshed. If you still can't see the change, try clearing the Magento cache.

I hope this helps!