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Cms Block get stucked

Cms Block get stucked

Hi All,



I have a problem with my website. My static blocks content sometimes get sucked. The URLs are changing just the content not change remain the same content. How can I fix that problem? In the backend everthing seems normal just in the frontend have this problem.


Thanks for the replies. 


Re: Cms Block get stucked

Hi Sheila,


Can you explain more clearly exactly what's happening?  I don't think there's enough information here for anyone to be able to help. If you include a link to your store, then maybe someone can see the problem.



Re: Cms Block get stucked

For me, You will see two banner pictures that are exactly the same.  However in my back end they are not the same.  They are two seperate cms blocks.  The banner is in the "pt003-home-slider1" cms block (and this is the photo you see).  The second cms that should be displaying that has a different set up to it with different pictures and is the "pt003-home-box1".  


I've tried going into the "Pages" and adding the photos directly to the content, and it displays correctly in my back end, but my front end has the same banner. It doesn't matter what pictures I'm using.  It is "stuck" on the "pt003-home-slider1" no matter what I'm using.  


I also tried to delete all content from the page and go through using widgets.  Still having the same problem, only "pt003-home-slider1" is showing no matter what CMS block I select.  


I took a look at my html on the cms blocks, and it has the right information, but it still isn't displaying correctly on the front end.

I'm about to pull my hair out!  I asked my tech guy and he said, 


I accessed your website and noticed that both blocks actually contain path to the same image:

And it seems that both blocks - 15 and 18 contain it, which is why you are seeing the double banner.

You could reconfigure the static blocks on your end to make sure they contain the images you would like. If you are not sure how to do this you could contact a third party Magento developer to assist you in the process.


So, what does he mean reconfigure the static blocks?  I tried to add an entirely new CMS block, but still have the same stupid problem!